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6 Ways to Add Drama to Photos

There may be occasions where you wish to convey more dramatic feelings or emotions with your photos. There are several ways to achieve this and create photos that inspire and compel the viewer.

Here is how to add dramatic effects to your pictures:

1. Change your perspective

Changing up the angle or shooting photos from higher or lower than normal can create an entirely different effect. As well as creating an interesting visual the new perspective can add a dramatic punch to your pics.

2. Use lighting effects

Using shadowy low light or bright highlights can make your subject look completely different. Different lighting can create a stark glare or an almost silhouetted figure. Reflecting light and bouncing colors can also evoke different emotions.

3. Choose bold colors

Speaking of colors, the use of color in your photography will set the emotional scene for your shot. Bright bold colors can create intensity and drama not possible with softer or more subtle shades.

4. Experiment with the focus

Highlighting one key area of the shot and pushing the rest into the background with a narrow depth of field can dramatically emphasize one particular area. This technique can be used to create a bit of mystery and intrigue.

5. Use motion blur

Motion blur can be great for showing movement. This can work well with moving subjects such as dancers or athletes to demonstrate speed or flowing movement. The blur effect takes a static image and turns it into a dynamic photo.

6. Create a silhouette

Bring a dramatic flair to photos by silhouetting the main subjects against a brighter background. The outline of a person or element inspires the imagination of the viewer and leaves their mind to fill in the blanks or imagine the missing details.

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