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4 Tips for abstract photography

Bring a new dimension to photographic images with digital enhancements and an abstract effect. Distorting or manipulating photographs slightly can create an entirely new and original visual that breathes new life into pictures. Focusing on lines and symmetrical shapes can convey a compelling depth to images that capture the imagination. In abstract photography, many of the usual rules do not apply.

To make a dramatic abstract photo, there are some things that will need to be considered:

1. Angle of view

Possibly the most important component of abstract photography is the angle of view. A seemingly normal subject can be presented in a unique way by varying the angle of the shot. Take images from up above, down below, or on the same level as the subject to create new or unusual aspects.


2. Keep it simple

While abstract photos can seem like there are a lot of elements like shapes or parallel lines, successful abstract images focus on removing things that are not needed or unnecessary. A good abstract takes away things that may confuse the viewer or that are tricky to interpret leaving a clean and uncluttered image.


3. Composition

The key to a good photo almost alway lies in its composition. Clear placement, the balance of the image, and the incorporation of lines or patterns will need to be carefully chosen. Shapes, patterns, and colors will also have an impact on the weight of the image and strong elements can throw the balance off.


4. Lighting

Subdued and subtle, or harsh and bright. The lighting used will create the tone of the entire photograph. Different moods can be generated with different light effects and subtle tones can shape the whole meaning or feel of the abstract images. Experiment with varied lighting to create different moods or emotions.

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