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Night photography is fun to play with your camera and get some incredible shots. The longer you spend shooting at night, the better you will get at it. But if you're new to night photography, some tips can help you take better photos.

1) Use a tripod. This is important because the shutter speeds are much longer when it's dark outside, and any camera movement will cause blur in your photo. Tripods also allow you to set your shot exactly how you want it before taking the picture.

2) Use manual focus (if possible). Your camera's autofocus doesn't work well in low light situations, so it may try to focus on something close by instead of what matters most in the photo. Manual focus lets you choose exactly what should be in your direction.

3) Set up your camera's white balance before taking a photo. The colors of many subjects look different under different lighting conditions, so setting your white balance beforehand can make sure everything stays as true-to-life as possible during post-processing later on.

4) Use ND filters! They act like sunglasses for your camera lens and block all light from entering except for a small amount that passes through.

Finding ways to improve your night photography will help you build an incredible portfolio of images. It can also lead you to new creative heights as a photographer. Making great photos at night is a bit more challenging than shooting during the day, but it's worth it for the thrill of capturing something truly stunning.

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