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New Year’s Project ideas that last the rest of the year

The year is coming to a close in a month, which means it’s holiday time! It's the perfect time to schedule calendar shoots with your clients so they can use variety of props and backdrops which they can show to their families and friends, or even to accomplish their New Year goals.

Before and After New Year’s resolution photos

If someone has a plan to get in shape or make their lifestyle chart change, now is the perfect time to schedule their "before" photoshoots, and then schedule with your client in advance few months later for follow up shoots, perhaps once every month, so they can track their progress professionally. By carefully planning to shoot ahead of time, you can merge multiple photos into the same backdrop to get one picture of their progress for the "after" photos.

Pre-book holiday in special occasion shoots

With so many holidays coming up: Valentine's in February, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and of course New Year's, our studio calendar will soon be filled up so now is a good time to start planning out the year ahead and book your photoshoot or video shoot with your clients. Scheduling studio sessions in advance can ensure that you have all the holidays covered and can have repeat clients through the year.

Four seasons photo shoots

Why not schedule a recurring theme shoot with your clients for winter, spring, summer and fall? Ask them to pose with the appropriate clothing for each season or with something that was very memorable for that season. That way they can get a collage of their year. After all, “for every season there is a reason“.

Adorable Photoshoot for Babies

A lot changes in a baby’s first year. Scheduling regular baby shoots as the baby grows could be also a great way, particularly if you sent her on a single theme that is carried throughout the photo series.

Remember that as the holidays approach, our calendar will soon be filled up as many people will be booking our studio for photo and video shoots for their holiday and seasonal greetings so don't wait any longer, book your session now here at Studio Space Arlington. Happy Holidays!

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