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4 Lenses every photographer should have

If you are working as a professional photographer you may be called on to shoot many different types of images. From sporting scenes to candid studio photos, to weddings or events, every day can bring a different scenario. As such you will need to be armed with the right equipment to manage any type of setting or shoot.

Lenses come in all shapes and sizes but your gadget bag should always contain the following ones:

1. Standard Lens

This is the normal camera lens with a mid-range focal length of 40-60mm. The most common is 50mm which gives roughly the same field of vision as the human eye. This is a light and versatile lens that can be used for many different types of images from studio portraits to landscape photography.

2. Wide-angle Lens

To fit more in your photo and capture imagery across a wider field then this lens is perfect. Can be used for large group shots or landscapes but can be helpful for capturing images in crumpled or small locations. Wide-angle lenses can create some distortion so are not great for portrait photos.

3. Telephoto Lens

These lenses have a long focal length and magnify the subject. They are also good for creating background blur and separating the subject from the surrounding scenery. A mid-range photo lens is around 70mm to 200mm, and a super-telephoto is 200mm and above. As the range increases so do the size and weight of the lens so a tripod may be required.

4. Macro Lens

Macro lenses have a 1:1 ratio for close-up photography. Great for capturing life-size images and high levels of detail. These lenses are excellent for any photographer that takes nature photos of flowers or small insects, or anything else that requires close-up work with extensive detail.

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