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5 Ways to get Razor-Sharp Image Focus

As a photographer one of the best ways to gain maximum visual impact from your shots is to have super-sharp focus. While there are many other ways to create compelling visuals, the image focus is the primary item that even the industry's top photographers pay attention to. Here are some tips to help you acquire a razor-sharp focus on your photos.

1. Correct shutter operation

Stabbing the shutter or pressing it too hard means that the camera moves at the critical moment. Taking a more gentle approach and rolling your finger lightly over the shutter button reduces the risk of camera movement and allows sharper capture of images.

2. Stability

Use a tripod, lean against a wall, rest your camera on a surface, or use anything else at your

disposal to provide you with as much stability as possible. The more solidly you can plant your feet, the less risk of camera-shake and image blurring.

3. Lens Testing

Not all lenses are created equally. There are factors like tolerances and size variances to

consider, meaning that some lenses may work better on one camera than another. If you have several cameras and lenses it is worth testing different combinations to determine which work best together.

4. Focus Point

Depending on what you are shooting your focus point will change. A portrait will have a different point of focus from an action shot. The important thing is to select the correct point and not let the camera choose it for you. Once you have the ideal focus be careful not to move before taking the shot.

5. Slow your ISO

If you are in a situation where a higher ISO is unavoidable try for an area with better lighting to maintain image sharpness. Increased ISO can visibly reduce the detail in your photos, many pro photographers will use a flash in combination with higher ISO to compensate.

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