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7 Quick Tips for Photography

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Photography is a great hobby, but it can be intimidating for those who don't know where to start. It doesn't have to be complicated or expensive — you need to understand how a camera works.

Amateur Photographer Using Simple Photography Tips

Here Are 7 Quick Tips That Will Get You Started:

1. Know Your Camera

DSLR Camera

To start creating great photographs, you must know how your camera works. Mastering the basics of your camera will allow you to understand the settings and dials available on most cameras today. It will also give you an understanding of why you depend on each tool.


2. Use Natural Light

SLR Camera Lens

Natural light is the number one way to make your life easier when photographing beautiful, high-quality makeup products. It was once something I struggled with myself and never realized how easy it was to fake. Using natural light forces you to get your subject as close to its final destination as possible, sometimes saving you a tremendous amount of editing time.


3. Think About Framing Your Shot

Digital Camera Photoshoot

The beauty of photography is that it doesn't have to be set within a folder under the heading of "art." It can be used in virtually any situation to discover/re-discover beauty, even if it's as simple as framing your shot. Be in awe and mystified by the beauty that surrounds you, and your work will shine through. And next time you see something that sparks your fascination or artistic side, don't think—shoot it.


4. Pay Attention to Backgrounds

DSLR Photography Backgrounds

Backgrounds in photography are interesting in that they contain a history that is just as important as the person or object being photographed. A neat way to explore this idea further is to visit some of your local archives and view an event or subject through the lens of another photo. This exercise will help you understand the importance of background and inspire new photographic techniques in your work.


5. Use Composition to Tell a Story

Photographer Holding a Camera

The key to telling a story with your photographs is composition. The unique piece can capture a moment that might otherwise go unnoticed. By framing your image well, you can direct the viewer's eye where you want it to go and help tell a complete story. If possible, your picture should have a simple structure: one or two subjects, an intriguing background, and some foreground interest.


6. Experiment with Different Apertures & Shutter Speeds

DSLR with an Open Aperture

Experiment with your camera's different aperture values and shutter speeds. Some lenses have a minimum aperture of f16, so be careful not to select it. Also, if you choose to use an ISO setting, try reducing it and see how the photos turn out. You may be surprised by the quality of the images that you get. As long as you keep these things in mind whenever you are taking pictures, you'll find that your composition will improve, making all your photos more exciting and unique.


7. Shoot from Different Angles

Photographer Practicing Photography Skills

Angle is one of the important ways in which to tell a story with your photos. Shooting from above, below, or 45 degrees will change the feel of your image and its message.



If you want to improve your photography skills, following some pointers will help get you on the right track. They aren't the only ones out there, but they ought to be enough to get you well on your way!

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