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COVID-19 Safety at Studio Space Arlington

We at Studio Space Arlington (SSA) understand the impact that COVID-19 has had on everyone, especially those in the creative space. Despite the help from state and federal government, the bills still need to be paid, which means for those who are in the creative space, they need to book clients and that is where we come in.

Studio Space Arlington is still open for photographers, make-up and hair artists, and models to get creative. When booking our space, you must follow local laws.

At Studio Space Arlington, we are providing hand sanitizer and face masks to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19. (They are located in the lobby and the main shooting room.) So, please wear face masks when applicable (exceptions would be for models or clients on the receiving end of the photo), remain six feet apart when possible (exceptions would be for make-up and hair artists working on clients), and if you are sick or have symptoms please do not come into our space. There is plenty of space to maintain a safe amount of space between shooting and hair and make-up, but please keep the number of people to a minimum for your safety.

To protect our community, we have imported KN95 masks to donate to local organizations such as Mission Arlington, Arlington Classics Academy, Fort Worth Crisis Meals Program, and the Arlington Library, as well as individuals in need.

“We might not be the large company with the power to change the world, But, as long as we stand up to contribute, we can make a big impact in our community.”  - Said Sarinya

Let's protect ourselves, save our community, and move forward together. If you have any other questions about the space or how we are combating the spread of COVID-19 in our space, please email at or call us at (469) 619-5155.

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