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Improve Your Phone Photography

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

The phone in your pocket is a powerful photographic tool. It's always with you, and it can take great pictures.

Phone Photography

With So Many Options, Here Are Some Tips for Improving Your Phone Photography:

1. Choose the Right Camera App

Camera App

The default camera app on most phones is fine for casual shooting, but if you want to get serious about your photography, try a third-party app like Camera+, ProCamera, or Manual Camera. These offer more controls over settings like exposure and white balance and features like manual focus and multiple bracketed shots for HDR processing.


2. Get Close to Your Subject

Phone Portrait Photography

If you're taking pictures of people or animals, get close enough so that they fill at least half of the frame; otherwise, they'll look tiny in the picture. For landscapes or other wide-open scenes, keep moving back until you find an angle where everything fits comfortably in the frame — don't be afraid to zoom out with digital zoom if necessary!


3. Use Natural Light Whenever Possible

Phone Photographer

Artificial light often looks harsh and unnatural compared with the soft glow of sunlight through windows or skylights (assuming there are any). If there's no natural light available, then turn off all artificial lights.



Ultimately, what you want to achieve with your photographs comes down to your personal preferences as a photographer. Keep in mind that having a goal is the best way to ensure that you're moving forward. If you're truly serious about improving your phone photography, start by asking yourself some questions: What am I trying to capture? Do I want to freeze a moment in time or create something more dynamic? What kind of images do I like to see other people create? And what techniques make those images stand out?

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