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Light to Fight Germs?

Did you know what wavelengths of light can kill bacteria and Viruses?

As photographers, we know a lot about light. Did you know the UVC wavelength light can actually destroy and render inactive viruses and bacteria that are exposed to the light?

But, how do UV-C lights work?

Per, "UV-C light destroys nucleic acids and breaks apart germ DNA. With their DNA broken, germs can’t function or reproduce. This causes them to die". Lights that emit 254NM wavelength light have been used in medical care facilities to help sanitize rooms and equipment for a while.

Are we having the UV-C lights system at Studio?

Yes, we have been sanitizing the studio air with UV-C light since October. We specifically selected 254NM equipment for its germicidal capabilities and low ozone creation.

As you can imagine, UVC light should not be exposed to anyone and especially never looked at. That's why we have had it professionally installed within the Studio HVAC system. The UVC light should only shine on the airflow within the HVAC unit, as the result, releasing the sanitized air to the studio. We have tried our best to provide a safe and healthy environment for our clients so you can conduct your business at our studio with confidence.

At Studio Space Arlington, we take the current pandemic and the safety of our members/clients very seriously. As always, we want to remind our patrons and their guest of the required mask ordinance and to wash hands and use sanitizer for the good health of you and your clients.

Let's end this pandemic and move forward together.


1) Check out what we are also doing to combat COVID-19 at our space here.

2) For more information on UVC light and its germicidal uses as well as safety please read the FDA's FAQ on UVC here.

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