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This Holiday...Would you rather...?

Would you rather Travel or Send Best Wishes?

There is nothing like being with the family for the Holidays. What can't be there in person due to the current pandemic and the travel restrictions? The next best thing is to send them a lasting gift of holiday pictures and greeting cards.

It's a great opportunity for you and your business to help them capture the holiday moment with professional pictures while providing a memorable experience.

If you were your clients, Would you rather choose scene-backdrops?

At Studio Space Arlington, you can provide many themes for your clients to choose from.

With our ceiling rollers systems, you can rapidly change backdrops to set many themes during your photoshoot.

We have installed many new backdrops to help add more magic to your pictures. Like this Elegant Classy Decore scene, it is 10 wide feet so you can fit the whole family in front of it.

Or, Would you rather use the Christmas Tree?

The Christmas Tree is also up. Roll it In & Out of your pictures easily as it is set on rollers.

To boost up the holiday spirit for both your pictures and your clients, we have updated our décor to a Winter-Holiday theme.

Come on over and capture great Holiday Memories!

P.S. As always we want to remind all of our clients on COVID safety and to wear masks when not in front of the camera. Check out what we are doing to combat COVID-19 in our space here.

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