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Get holiday-ready at Studio Space Arlington

Can you believe the holiday season is already around the corner? Have you taken your holiday pictures yet? Probably not because of COVID-19, well we are still open and taking your safety seriously. Check out what we are doing to combat COVID-19 at our space here.

Well once you have booked your time at Studio Space Arlington, you’ll be surprised to see some new backgrounds available to use for your holiday photos. Want a winter wonderland in your family photos? Now you don’t have to travel to that (though who is traveling these days), use our new snowfield background measuring 10x10 ft. Set a scene with some cozy sweaters, hot chocolate, and of course your family.

Looking for something a little warmer? How about a beach scene! Check out our beach background and get into a tropical state of mind this holiday season. This background measures 8x10 ft, which means some nice dynamic shots for those postcards with some beach fun like throwing a beachball, building sandcastles, and just soaking up the sun.

Want to be out of this world this holiday season? Well, we have the perfect spaceship background to make you feel like you are exploring other worlds. No need to get a degree and go through space training to board this ship, just book time at Studio Space Arlington and utilize our 7x5 ft spaceship background to have some out of this world fun.

Have any questions about the space or any other backgrounds that we have? Contact us at or call us at (469) 619-5155 and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. Hope to book you soon!

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