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On Your Mark, Get Set, Snap!

Catching more Clients, Capturing their New year Resolutions.

What is your New year resolution? What's are your clients' New Year Resolutions?

How could we stay focused until we reach the goal?

With pictures capturing their resolutions, you can inspire and remind them to stay on track. The power is at your fingertips.

To boost your potential for the New Year, we have put three new backdrops:

A festive backdrop: for New Year’s and any other festive occasions!

The Silver & Gold backdrop is perfect for formal or informal celebrations and special moments throughout the year.

Two new gym backdrops:

"Getting in shape!" is one of the most common resolutions. The gym scenes are to help you and your client capture and keep fitness ambition. Now everyone can look good working out (without ever breaking a sweat).

Before & After Pictures:

To gain the business throughout the year, set several sessions with the client to record the changes. Start of the new year with the "Before" picture in front of the gym backdrops.

Then, schedule future sessions in several weeks to capture the "After" picture in front of the same backdrop. When they are in shape, merge the picture to show the progression. What a powerful image for their social media profile, and meaningful business mission for you!

What is your New Year Resolution? Ready to seize yours?

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