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5 Tips for Candid Photos

Capturing an image of a person in a completely natural state can be tricky. Most people are automatically on edge when a camera is pointed at them, but shooting an image of a subject that is at ease can provide some stunning shots.

Here are some tips for capturing candid photos:

1. Lose the flash

Having a flash of light bursting can be offputting for a subject especially if they are already a little camera shy. If shooting outside the flash isn’t necessary and can be easily eliminated to avoid distracting your subject.

2. Use some ice-breakers

If attempting a candid portrait photo in a studio setting try and engage the subject in conversation to help them relax. A good anecdote or some well-placed questions can serve as an effective ice-breaker to reduce anxiety.

3. Be discreet

Try and capture photos without being seen to get the most natural images. This can be helpful at events or weddings where subjects are busy with other people or guests. Move around and shoot photos without your subject being aware of your presence.

4. Blend into the scene

If you are capturing a busy scene like a concert or a parade, become part of the scene. Blend into the audience and shoot images as part of the crowd for photos that make the viewer feel like they are part of the action.

5. Shoot from the hip

It’s an old trick but it still works. Professional photographers often shoot their photos with the camera held at hip level for discrete non-invasive pictures. Wider lenses can be helpful to capture more information and bring an exciting new perspective to your images.

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