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Why Proper Lighting Is Important For Photograph and Videography

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Image Credit: Rohan Makhecha

When shooting a video or taking photos one of the most important things to consider is the lighting. Film and photography students and professionals learn right away that proper lighting can make or break a photo or video shoot. Using a space equipped with great lighting like the studios at Studio Space Arlington can go a long way in making sure your photos and videos come out just the way you want. Here are some ways that good lighting can affect your photo or video work.

Lighting Determines Mood

Image Credit: Rhett Wesley

As a photographer or videographer, you're likely trying to get the right mood for your work. To

accomplish that goal, the best tool you can use is light. Lighting techniques can determine the mood of your subjects and the overall image. For example, if you're trying to make your subject look happy and cheerful, you may choose to use a bright light that accentuates those features. If instead, you're trying to get a dark and gloomy shot, then you can use a different set of lighting techniques to make your subject appear somber and mysterious.

Light Positioning Can Change Your Shot

Determining the best direction in which to aim your light source takes practice, but once you get it down it can make your photos and videos much better. If you've ever taken a photo of

someone outside during the daytime and noticed that the resulting image was rather

unflattering, then it could have been caused by the direction of the sunlight. When

photographing a person, sunlight that comes from directly above can cause harsh shadows to appear underneath the chin and the nose. Using proper lighting directions can instead make your subject's features pop and result in a much more satisfying image.

If you're looking to rent a space to shoot your photos and videos, be sure to check out our

affordable and feature-packed studios that include all the tools you need to best utilize lighting. Studio Space Arlington is one of the premier studio light and natural light photography studios in all of Texas!

To book an appointment or save money using one of our packages, contact us today.

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